Who is Dee Dee?

History of Dee Dee's Cleaning

Dee Dee's Cleaning was established in 1999 by Damitra Dee Dee Stuart in El Paso, TX and has branched out over the years to locations in Atlanta GA, Las Cruces, NM, Denver, Co, Los Angeles and Fresno, CA.

Our Mission

Retain satisfied customers by providing the most thorough cleaning service available.  So treat yourself to a clean and healthy living environment while you have more time to spend with family, friends, and yourself!  

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Damitra Dee Dee Stuart


Damitra Dee Dee Stuart is a Television Executive and TV Channel Owner, Entrepreneur, Show and Music Producer from El Paso, TX who resides in Los Angeles, CA .  Aside from owning Dee Dee's Cleaning since 1999, she is also CEO of Ambizion Media which is her 10 year old multi media brand that consist of 17 TV Channels for all ages and genres under Ambizion Television, her two clothing lines Ambizion Apparel (A Motivational Clothing Line for Men, Women and Kids) and Ambizion Pooch (A Clothing and Accessory Line for Dogs and Dog Lovers) that she showcases online and out of her retail clothing store in Downtown Inglewood, CA.  She has also recently launched her Music and Development label for Independent Music Artist called Ambizion Sound Music Group in January of 2021.