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For the  Ambitious Woman Who Strives for Success!

For the Hard Working Man Who Chases His Goals!

For That Ambitious Child Who Stands Out In The Crowd!

Adorable Clothing to Set Your Baby Up for success!

$5.00 Jewelry to go with your new outfits!! Take a look at Very Inexpensive Pieces that will SPICE up any outfit!

If Your Dog is Your Family Check This Out!!

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Damitra Dee Dee Stuart @ceoambizion


Television Executive and CEO of the Ambizion Media brand Damitra Dee Dee Stuart created this fun and laid back clothing line in 2012 catering to individuals who are chasing their goals!  Her passion for business spans back to the age of five and she hopes that AMBIZION APPAREL will motivate and inspire business minded individuals like herself to live their lives to the fullest while striving to accomplish their goals.  No matter race, age, gender or obstacle Damitra Dee Dee Stuart believes that ANYTHING is possible!

To Learn More About CEO Damitra Dee Dee Stuart and the Ambizion Media Brand Click Here!

Los Angeles, CA

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